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Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund


Massive earthquake has hit the Tohoku district of northeastern Japan on March 11th. That earthquake generated large tsunami which has caused untold damage to many towns in the area. The situation is tragic. According to news reports, thousands have lost their lives and the number is still increasing. A number of Sotoshu temples in the area were also destroyed.

There has been an outpouring of grief and sympathy for those who are suffering there. Many people have contacted us at the Soto Zen Buddhism International Center asking how they can contribute money for disaster relief to help in the recovery. We will collect relief funds at our office and take them to Sotoshu. If you and your temple or center wish to help with this, please send a check to our office payable to gSoto Zen Buddhism International Centerh or Paypal. Please write on the check that it is specifically for gJapan Earthquake Relief Fund.h

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